What Is A Machining Process

- Jul 26, 2018 -

The sequence is the basic link in the manufacturing process of the product, and it is also the basic unit that constitutes the production. That is, the part or group of workers, the part of the process that is continuously completed by processing the same or several workpieces at one working place, For the process.

The process can be divided into several steps. The part of the process that is continuously completed under the condition that the machining surface is constant, the cutting tool is constant, and the feed amount and cutting speed in the cutting amount remain substantially unchanged, it is called the step.

A product has to undergo design, audit, shaping and processing, this is the process. The front design is to put the specific dimensions of this thing on the drawing, and then the processing, which includes the car. Milling heat treatment. Surface treatment and other work cloths, the so-called process is to combine these methods below, what to do first and then do what

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