What Are The Types Of Machining Methods

- Jul 26, 2018 -

1, car (vertical car, sleeper and other models): the main feature is the processing of the body;

2, milling (all milling, horizontal milling): The main characteristics are the machining groove and the straight line shape, of course, the arc surface can be processed by two or three axes;

3, planing (all kinds of planers can be): The main characteristic is the processing of straight line surface, under normal circumstances, the surface roughness is not high;

4. Insert (suitable for arc): It can be understood as a planer that stands up, which is very suitable for non-complete arc machining.

5, grinding (outer grinding and surface grinding, internal hole grinding, tool grinding, etc.) high-precision surface processing.

6, drilling (various holes): the processing of holes,

7.  (high precision): processing of holes with large diameter and high precision, processing of larger workpiece shape.

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