What Are The Production Types Of Machining

- Jul 26, 2018 -

There are three types of mechanical manufacturing: First, batch production: It is the production and manufacture of the same parts machined parts in batches. Second, mass production: When the production volume of the product is large, it is necessary to repeat the production of one part frequently. Third, single-piece production: is to produce a certain part alone, rarely repeated production. Note: 1. The basic characteristics of single-piece production are: the variety of products produced, the production of each product is very small, and rarely repeated production. For example, the manufacture of heavy machinery products and the trial production of new products are all single-piece production. 2. The basic characteristics of batch production are: the same product is produced in batches, and the production is repeated periodically. Such as machine tool manufacturing, motor manufacturing, etc. are in batch production. Batch production can be divided into three types according to the batch size: small batch production, medium batch production, and large batch production. Among them, the process characteristics of small batch production and mass production are similar to those of single piece production and mass production; the process characteristics of medium batch production are between small batch production and mass production. 3. The basic characteristics of mass production are: large output, small variety, and most of the work places are repeatedly processed in a certain process of a certain part. For example, the manufacture of automobiles, tractors, bearings, etc. is mass production.

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