Steps To Move And Rotate Parts

- Jul 26, 2018 -

Learn how to move or rotate components.

Rotating parts in the part

Keep the following behavior in mind when rotating components:

You can rotate the constrained components.

When you update a part, the component that is constrained to the rotating part snaps to its constraint position. Rotate the component to determine the viewing direction of the component.

Unconstrained components remain in their rotated position when the part is updated.

Pinch capture movement and rotation

Use the Grip Snap command to move or rotate one or more parts, working geometry, or subassemblies precisely. The function of the Grip Snap command can be controlled by moving the options bar, heads up display (HUD), and context menus.

After a series of translations or rotations using grip snapping, you can select new components as objects for a new series of operations. The Grip Capture task will remain active until you:

Click Finish to accept the preview and end the Grip Capture task.

Click Submit and Pin to accept and pin the entities processed using the Grip Snap command and end the Grip Snap task.

  • Lathe Turning Parts
  • CNC Machining Cylinder Gland
  • Nonstandard Turning Parts
  • CNC Milling Parts
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Component Parts
  • Forged Hydraulic Cylinder Components

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