Steps To Machine Parts

- Jul 26, 2018 -

The steps to machine parts, taking the case as an example:

First, processing requirements

The part material is LY12, which is produced in one piece. The part blank has been machined to size.

Second, preparation work

Complete preparatory work before processing, including process analysis and process route design, tool and fixture selection, programming, etc.

Third, the operation steps and content

1, boot, each coordinate axis manually back to the machine origin

2, tool preparation

According to the processing requirements, select Φ20 end mill, Φ5 center drill, Φ8 twist drill, and then clamp the Φ20 end mill with the spring collet handle. The cutter number is set to T01, and the Φ5 center is clamped with the drill chuck handle. Drill, Φ8 twist drill, tool number is set to T02, T03, the tool tool edge finder is mounted on the spring chuck shank, the tool number is set to T04.

3. The tool holder of the clamped tool is manually placed into the tool magazine, ie

1) Enter "T01 M06" and execute

2) Manually attach the T01 tool to the spindle

3) Follow the above steps to put T02, T03, T04 into the tool magazine.

4. Clean the workbench, install fixtures and workpieces

Clean the flat vise on a clean workbench, align and level the vise through the dial indicator, and place the workpiece on the vise.

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