Sheet Metal Processing Process

- Jul 26, 2018 -

Process flow and attention of sheet metal processing For any sheet metal part, it has a certain processing process, which is called a process flow.

1. Design and draw a part drawing of the sheet metal part, the function is to express the structure of the sheet metal part by drawing.

2. Draw a development view, that is, expand a structurally complex part into a flat piece.

3. Unloading

There are many ways to cut materials, mainly in the following ways:

a. Cutting machine cutting

Use the shearer to cut out the outline length and width of the expanded view. If there is punching or chamfering, the punching machine is combined with the die punching and chamfering forming.

b. Punch blanking

The flat member structure of the unfolded part is punched into a shape on the sheet by one or more steps using a punching machine. The advantages are short labor hours, high efficiency, and reduced processing costs, which are often used in mass production.

c. NC NC cutting

When the NC is to be unloaded, the CNC machining program must first be programmed. It is to use the programming software to write the developed drawing into a program recognizable by the NC machining machine. Let it step by step according to these procedures on a piece of iron plate, the structural shape of its flat piece is punched out.

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