Hydraulic Cylinder Fault Diagnosis And Treatment

- Jul 26, 2018 -

Fault diagnosis and treatment

1. Malfunction or malfunction

The reasons and treatment methods are as follows:

(1) The valve plug is stuck or the valve hole is blocked. When the flow valve or directional valve spool is stuck or the valve hole is blocked, the hydraulic cylinder is prone to malfunction or malfunction. In this case, check the contamination of the oil; check if the dirt or colloidal deposits are stuck in the valve plug or block the valve hole; check the wear of the valve body, clean and replace the system filter, clean the fuel tank, and replace the hydraulic medium.

(2) The piston rod is stuck with the cylinder or the hydraulic cylinder is blocked. At this time, no matter how it is operated, the hydraulic cylinder does not move or the action is slight. At this time, check whether the piston and piston rod seal are too tight, whether it enters dirt and colloidal deposits: whether the shaft line of the piston rod and the cylinder is centered, whether the wearing parts and seals are invalid, and whether the load is too Big.

2, can not drive the load when working

The main performance is that the piston rod is not in position, the thrust is insufficient, the speed is slow, and the work is unstable. The reason is:

The inside of the hydraulic cylinder leaks. The internal leakage of the hydraulic cylinder includes leakage caused by the hydraulic cylinder seal, the piston rod and the seal of the seal, and the excessive wear of the piston seal.

The reason for leakage of the piston rod and the sealing cover is that the seal is wrinkled, crushed, torn, worn, aged, deteriorated, deformed, etc., and a new seal should be replaced at this time.

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