Common Processing Methods In Mechanical Manufacturing

- Jul 26, 2018 -

Common machining methods are: turning, milling, grinding, boring, drilling, wire cutting, electric sparking, etc.

Whether the machine tools are large or small, simple or complex, can be divided into five categories. These five categories are the five basic methods for forming metal. Machining includes drilling, turning and boring, milling, grinding and bull head. Five methods of planing, the characteristics of these processing methods are as follows:

1. Drilling

Drilling is the process of drilling holes in solid metal. Use a rotary drill called a twist drill. The machine used for drilling is called a drilling machine. There are also many models and specifications for drilling machines. In addition to drilling, the drilling machine can be processed in other ways. When drilling, the workpiece is positioned and clamped and fixed; the drill bit is rotated while drilling into the workpiece.

2, turning and boring

Ordinary machine tools are the most common machine tools used to turn workpieces. Turning is the process of cutting metal from a workpiece. While the workpiece is rotating, the tool cuts into the workpiece or turns along the workpiece.

A boring is a method of expanding or further machining a hole that has been drilled or cast on a metal workpiece. The boring on the lathe is done by rotating the single-edged tool on one side and facing the workpiece.

3, milling

Milling is the process of cutting a metal using a rotating tool that has multiple cutting edges called a milling cutter.

4, grinding

Grinding is a method of cutting metal using a grinding wheel called a grinding wheel. Grinding finishes the workpiece, and the processed workpiece is accurate in size and smooth in surface. When the circular workpiece is ground, the workpiece rotates on one side and feeds the rotating wheel. When grinding a flat workpiece, the workpiece reciprocates under a rotating grinding wheel. The grinding process is often used for the final finishing of heat-treated hard workpieces to achieve precise dimensions.

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