Forged Machining Parts

Forged Machining Parts Compare Forging to Machining Save on raw material cost and machining time by using near netshape forgings. The example to the right shows that with machining a 98.14 lb block of raw material is required. With the forging, only 24.03 lbs of raw material are required....

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Forged machining parts are the majority of projects machines rely on today, they from relatively simple designs to parts that need to be done on each surface, and use a variety of tools in precise locations. After the forging process, parts that are stronger than equivalent cast or machined parts can be produced. As the metal is formed during the forging process, its internal particles flow to follow the shape of the part. That is to say, the particles are continuous throughout the part, which resulting in parts having improved strength.


  • The forging process saves metal, reduces processing costs, and has high production efficiency and flexibility.

  • The deformation resistance of the part is small, the structure has few defects, and the mechanical properties are excellent.

  • The parts have good structural and mechanical properties, high strength and can withstand greater impact loads.

  • Provide quality products at the lowest price.


Material Available

Plastic: ABS, PC, PMMA,POM, PA(Nylon), Rubber, Silicone, etc.
Metal: Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Sheet Metal, etc.

Machining Equipment

CNC Machining Center, CNC Lathes, CNC Milling Machine, Linear cutting machine,grinding machine,etc.


Turning, Milling, Drilling, Tapping, Knurling, etc


+/-0.005mm/can also be customized.

Surface Treatment

Anodizing, Plating, Brushing, Polishing, Powder coating, Sandblasting, Passivation, Printing, etc.

Drawing Format



No MOQ Required, one PC is fine for us.

Quality System

100% inspection before shipment


Silver, Red, Blue, Gold, Oliver, Black, White & etc.


Suitable for automation machine, medical device, industrial machine, automobile, electric appliance, and other industries, machining parts, precision part, cnc machining parts and so on.

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