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CNC machining services As an ISO 9001:2008 certified business, we uphold the highest standards of quality management, which translates directly to every part we produce -- providing our client partners with total confidence that all specifications and requirements are met with absolute...

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Machine tools vary in size and production. The workpiece conditions of general machine tools such as load bearing, impact and lubrication conditions are significantly better than those of automobiles, tractors and heavy machinery. The CNC machining services are the support of the entire machine tool, and their precision retention requirements are very high. CNC machining refers to machining with CNC machining tools, which has great advantages over manual machining, and machining part plays a vital role in the process of CNC machining.


  • High dimensional accuracy, good impact toughness and low heat treatment deformation.

  • Stress annealing, low temperature aging treatment and cold treatment reduce residual internal stress to ensure high dimensional stability. Pre-heat treatment to increase its strength, eliminate tissue defects and improve processing performance.

  • Strictly in accordance with customer's drawings, packaging and quality requirements.

  • The most advanced CMM inspectors to ensure quality.

  • Fast and timely delivery, fast and professional service.

  • Provide professional advice to customers during the customer design process to save costs.


Machining Equipment

Machining Center/ CNC Lathes/ Grinding Machines/ Milling Machines/ CNC ShearingMachines/ CNC Bending Machines/ etc


Turning/ Milling/ Drilling/ Wire EDM/ Welding/ Casting/ Forging/ Assembling/etc


Aluminum/ Copper/ Stainless steel/ Ball bearing steel/ Abrasive tool steel (If you require any other materials, please contact us to discuss.)

Surface Treatment

Blacking/ Polishing/ Anodizing/ Chrome plating/ Zinc plating/Nickel plating/ Chrome 

plating/Ion nitriding/ tinting/ Titanium nitriding/ etc.

Product's DesignDrawings or samples
Inspection tooling

Tool microscope/ digimatic micrometer/ inside micrometer/ dialgage/ electronic digital

display caliper/ automatic height gauge/ring gauge/etc.

QC System

100% inspection before shipment.

CertificationISO9001: 2015


Widely used in the OEM CNC machining, mining accessories, machinery accessoried, truck parts, auto parts, industrial parts, etc.

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