What are the stages of precision part processing?

- Dec 27, 2018 -

With the development of the industry faster and faster, in many respects, the precision machining is still very obvious. The demagnetizer is a device used to eliminate the residual magnetism caused by machining. It is generated by the electromagnetic coil. The magnetic field lines directly or indirectly interfere with the magnetic properties of the original workpiece by magnetic lines of force to achieve demagnetization of the workpiece.

The main demagnetizers in China are platform type demagnetizers, frame demagnetizers, etc. The platform type demagnetizer mainly demagnetizes the workpiece by introducing the coil magnetic flux into a plane through the iron core. The frame type demagnetizer mainly passes through the workpiece inside the coil to make the magnetic flux cut the residual magnetism of the workpiece to achieve the demagnetization effect. The demagnetizer needs to charge the coil with alternating current. After the demagnetizer is modified, it can be used as a device such as a separator.

Precision parts processing plants tell you that the main surface finishing, such as grinding, honing, fine grinding, rolling, etc., should be placed at the end of the process. The general principles for the preparation of precision parts processing routes, the development of precision parts processing procedures, can be roughly divided into two links. The first is to formulate the process route of the parts, and then determine the process size, equipment and process equipment, cutting specifications, and working hours quota for each process.

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