The role and characteristics of the main components of the machine tool vertical machining center

- Nov 16, 2018 -

1. The machine base is the basic part of the machine tool and requires a high enough static, dynamic stiffness and precision retention. Its design is subject to the overall constraints of the machine tool. Under the premise of meeting the overall requirements, it should be as reasonable as possible, the ribs should be properly arranged, and the fork should ensure good hot and cold processing technology. The vertical machining center adopts a fixed column type, and the two-coordinate movement on the plane is realized by the cross slide table and the work table. In fact, the base is located at the bottom of the machine. It carries all the parts of the whole machine. Through the linear guides and sliders, the movement of the cross slide on the bottom is completed, so that the machine moves in the direction of the machine. The rear end is the position where the column is installed and has high performance. In the middle, the lead screw and the nut seat are placed to realize the swaying drive.

2. The horizontal machining center and the vertical machining center have different columns. The common feature of the machining center column is that it supports the headstock and moves it up and down in the vertical direction, which makes it work under severe conditions such as cutting force, vibration and humidity. Therefore, the column is also one of the key components of the machining center like the base. It requires sufficient construction rigidity and good vibration resistance and thermal deformation resistance. Normally, the vertical cavity of the vertical machining center is empty, which is easy to add. The counterweight is used to reduce the load of the motor, and the m-shaped reinforcing rib is used to improve the rigidity and strength of the column. For the connection between the column and the base, bolt fastening and taper pin (special taper pin) positioning are generally adopted.

3. The worktable and the cross slide are high-strength cast iron parts, the structure is stable, the structure is analyzed by machine dynamics and finite element analysis, which has good rigidity and compact structure, and has large effective working area and small floor space. The guide rails are made of high-precision preloaded hardened rolling linear guides. This kind of guide rail has better dynamic characteristics than the sliding guide rail, and its positioning is accurate, the sliding speed is away, the power consumption is small, and it is not necessary to adjust frequently. Rail lubrication is performed automatically using a centralized lubrication device.

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