Processing technology of shell parts processed by instrument

- Jul 26, 2018 -

The shell-like parts of the instrument refer to the skeleton supporting the instrument assembly. They are characterized by complex shape and internal cavity, thin wall and uneven wall thickness, and are easily deformed. With the development of technology, the requirements for instrument housing parts are getting higher and higher, so in order to improve the processing quality and efficiency, it is necessary to optimize the CNC machining process. The process of CNC machining of general parts is very long. If you want to optimize the CNC machining process, you need to simplify the process and divide the process. To achieve the above two points, you need to consider the following factors:

1. Division of processing stages

Dividing the processing stage can ensure the quality of the part processing, and also enable the machine to be reasonably tested, which not only improves efficiency but also prolongs service life.

2. Heat treatment and surface treatment processes should be arranged reasonably

Arranging them reasonably can effectively eliminate the internal stress generated during the machining process and improve the mechanical properties of the parts.

3, CNC machining and general processing combined operation

The two processing processes are reasonably interspersed to improve the processing quality.

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