How to do the fault diagnosis of hydraulic cylinders?

- Aug 09, 2018 -

In our daily life, we often encounter mechanical failures, so it is very important to master certain troubleshooting methods. Hydraulic cylinders are everywhere in our daily lives and play an increasingly important role. The product is a vital component of the hydraulic system, and it is a very important actuator to perform its function of converting hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. Regarding its failure, it generally includes these aspects. One is the malfunction of the pressure cylinder, which is very common. The second is the inability to push the load, which greatly affects the function of the product. The third is the piston slip phenomenon, which is also a frequent fault. The occurrence of these faults often affects the function of the product to a large extent, resulting in abnormal operation of the equipment and end-of-life shutdown. This phenomenon is not uncommon. Therefore, we must be familiar with the basic properties of the product, and understand the troubleshooting, and do a good job in product maintenance.

When we encounter a malfunction, or a malfunction of a malfunction, we must find out the cause of the fault in time and master the treatment method. In this case, the valve hole is blocked. If there is a situation where the flow valve is stuck, it is easy to malfunction. At this time, we need to check the oil condition in time, especially the pollution situation, so be careful. Look carefully at the dirt and if there is a stuck valve. At the same time, the wear of the valve body is carefully and carefully checked.

In the second case, those piston rods are stuck with those cylinders. In this case, no matter how it is operated, it generally has no effect, and the hydraulic cylinder is in a state of no action. At this time, we need to check in time whether the seals of the two components are in a tight state and see if there is any dirt deposits.

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