How does precision part processing prevent wear?

- Dec 27, 2018 -

Common types of wear in precision parts processing plants include run-in wear, hard grain wear, surface fatigue wear, hot wear, phase change wear, and hydrodynamic wear.

Running wear is the wear of the machine under normal load, speed and lubrication conditions. This wear generally develops slowly and has little effect on the processing quality in the short term.

Hard grain wear is caused by the abrasive grains dropped by the parts themselves or the hard particles entering the machine tool from the outside, mixed into the processing area, subjected to mechanical cutting or grinding, causing damage to the parts, which has a serious impact on the processing quality.

The surface fatigue wear of precision parts processing plants is caused by micro-cracks or spot-like pits under the action of alternating load, which causes damage to parts. This type of wear is often closely related to factors such as pressure, load characteristics, machine material, and size.

Hot wear is the heat generated by the parts during the friction process on the parts, so that the parts have temper softening, burning and wrinkling. This type of wear usually occurs in high-speed and high-pressure sliding friction, which is more destructive and accompanied by accidental wear.

Corrosive wear is a chemical action, that is, chemical corrosion causes wear. When the surface of a part comes into contact with an acid, a base, a salt liquid or a harmful gas, it is chemically attacked, or the surface of the part combines with oxygen to form a hard and brittle metal oxide that is easy to fall off, causing the part to wear.

Phase change wear is the long-term operation of the parts in the high temperature state. The metal structure grains on the surface of the parts are heated to become large, and the grain boundaries are oxidized around, resulting in fine gaps, which make the parts fragile and wear resistance decrease, resulting in wear of the parts.

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