Advantages of cold pier processing

- Jul 26, 2018 -

Cold pier processing is a process for forming metal. It is generally used in the process of extrusion, punching, rolling and other methods. It is more advantageous than traditional processing methods. Talk about the advantages of cold pier processing.

First of all, its steel utilization rate is high, and the ordinary cutting method is only 25% to 35%. The cold pier processing method can reach 85% to 95%, and the two can be seen that the cold pier process is more excellent. Secondly, the production efficiency is high, and the molding efficiency is several dozen times higher than the conventional cutting. At the end, the mechanical properties are good, and the strength is much stronger than the cutting process.

The above is the advantage of cold pier processing. From this multiplication efficiency, cold pier processing is undoubtedly the best process now.

  • Aluminium Turned Parts
  • Plastic Machined Parts
  • Nonstandard Turning Parts
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Spare Parts
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Gland
  • Hydraulic Cylinder End Plug

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